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   From   glassware   I   continued   expanding   into flasks,     jewelry     boxes,     vintage     wrenches, sunglasses     and     of     course,     the     famous JOHNNY CALLAWAY iconic leather jackets. Each    item    I    pinstripe    is    one    of    a    kind, signed    and    hand-numbered,    making    it    a great      collector’s      item.      They      also      are decorative,     unique,     and     in     most     cases USEFUL.    You    can    use,    wear,    enjoy    my pinstriped     items     every     day.     They     are affordable   and   make   great   gifts   for   loved ones. I   always   have   my   pinstriped   art   available   at my    booth    at    the    car    shows    I    make    a celebrity   appearance   at.   You   can   also   buy them   online   here,   or   if   you   are   looking   for something   specific,   place   a   custom   order by simply  emailing me.  
After   the   release   and   worldwide   success   of my   cult   hot   rod   film   DEUCE   OF   SPADES ,      I decided   it   was   time   to   pick   up   a   pinstriping brush.   In   just   a   year   or   so   I   found   myself creating    intricate    pinstriping    designs    and my   lines   became   thinner,   more   even   and precise.   Sitting   in   the   back   of   my   tour   bus,   I started     pinstriping     purses     and     biker’s wallets   then   decided   to   further   expand   into something   very   few   pinstripers   were   willing to    paint:    Glassware.    The    small    size    and sharp        curves        make        it        extremely challenging.    To    make    matter    worse,    you have   to   pinstripe   with   only   one   hand!   I   am proud    today    to    offer        a    comprehensive selection    of    every    glass,    mug,    and    cup imaginable…   My   glassware   art   has   traveled to      the      far      reaches      of      the      world, Switzerland, France, New Zealand…
Imagination.    Creation.    Inspiration.    This    is what   I   live   for.   As   an   artist   I   have   always thrived      to      expand      in      every      possible direction      and      express      myself      in      any possible   way.   When   I   was   a   teenager,   I   tried my   hand   at   drawing,   pencil   sketches,   comic strips   and   even   fashion   illustration.   I   grew up   watching   my   father   painting   on   canvas. But   to   pursue   Music,   my   first   Love,   I   had   to put it all aside… For several decades. Buying   my   32   Ford   roadster   and   going   to car   shows,   I   watched   pinstripers   lay   their lines    with    mind    boggling    precision    and became   fascinated   with   the   intriguing   art   of Pinstriping:   I   fell   in   love.   This   was   an   art   that looked   very   challenging,   and   I’m   always   up for a good challenge!
FAITH GRANGER is a celebrity and creator of the Multi-Award winning  hot rod film DEUCE OF SPADES. A renaissance woman, Faith Granger is a truly multi-faceted artist. Visit the FAITH GRANGER HUB to discover her fascinating world.

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